The Internet Is A Bad Historical Record

Posted on November 12, 2018

PHP 5.4 is going out of commission soon. Yet, only 2 years ago most of the popular themes and plugins for Wordpress and other CMS’s largely ran on 5.4.

Hundreds of thousands of sites will be “redesigned”, “redone”, or simply left to die.

Kind of makes you realize how bad of a historical record the internet is.

I had to stay up late tonight for a server migration. So, I played with Cloudflare Workers. They’re amazing. You can rewrite javascript that does anything, and the run it on any endpoint with a domain that’s in Cloudflare. I picked geocoding as a usecase.

Within a 30 minutes, I had a geocoder endpoint on that took a street address and turned it into Lat/Long.

There was no server setup, no SSL provisioning, no domain setup, and no continuous monitoring. Plus, unlike Lambda, there were no cold starts.

Might have to try it at work in the future sometime.