October 1st, 2019

These days I'm into writing highly tested Typescript nodejs with a GraphQL api layer on a Serverless Lambda. The sheer types of ways you can trigger a Lambda via AWS events is exciting. And you can really build some cool applications quickly. You can also pretty much test drive it all.

CloudFormation has grown on me, and I really find it enjoyable and productive to write. On the frontend, I'm finding Apollo clients super helpful with testing, caching, and just making GraphQL work. Tailwind is the styling framework of choice. And Framer Motion is how I prefer to style things.

In terms of frontend architecture, it's crazy how much code you can remove by simply writing some custom hooks around queries and mutations.

I'm currently working on a side project as well.

Mar 1st, 2019

I'm super into Serverless, Golang, and writing highly efficient code pushing the boundaries of the modern cloud. In terms of the frontend, I'm finding that Tailwind (or your hand-rolled version of that) is the only way to scale css. I'm finding testing to be much more interesting and helpful after breaking it down into three categories: unit test, visual regression tests, and end-to-end tests with Cypress.

In Milwaukee and wanna meet up? Email me!

Nov 1st, 2018

I’m at home in Oconomowoc with my wife and dogs. My current position is CTO for Easy Agent Pro. I'm writing a ton of React to create an amazing real estate software. I'm currently learning a lot about SSR, JS testing, and managing an ever-growing codebase.

I like attending tech events in the Milwaukee area and talking about startups.

January, 2018

I'm in the process of moving back home to Milwaukee, WI from Kansas City. After growing up in WI, I've been away for 10 years. If you're in the area, reach out! I'd love to meet up to talk tech/coffee/more.

Fall, 2017

I'm working on the codebase of Easy Agent Pro. After building up the sales and marketing teams, the product requires most of my attention now. Our codebase was initially build on jQuery and Wordpress. We're moving towards a React based front-end with an Object Oriented PHP backend.

January, 2015

I started Easy Agent Pro with my business partner after graduating with my masters degree in clarinet performance. Easy Agent Pro focused on providing great tools to help real estate agents.