AWS Well Architected Framework - Notes

Posted on February 15, 2021

AWS Well Architected Framework - Notes

Download the AWS Well Architected Framework Whitepaper here

General Terms

In the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we use these terms:

  • A component is the code, resources, and configuration used to complete a business requirement.
  • A workload is a set of components that delivers business value.
  • Architecture is how components work together

General Principals

  • Stop guessing your capacity needs
  • Test systems at production scale in the cloud
  • Automate architectural experimentation
  • Allow for evolutionary architectures
  • Drive architectures using data

On Operational Excellence

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Make small, frequent, changes
  • Refine operations frequently
  • Anticipate failures

Evaluate the impact of risks, and tradeoffs between competing interests or alternative approaches. For example, accelerating speed to market for new features may be emphasized over cost optimization, or you may choose a relational database for non-relational data to simplify the effort to migrate a system without refactoring